Repurposed For A Reason

Let's Use What We Have

Rare Bird Stereos breathes new life into old found objects that may not have much of a purpose anymore.

Using a combination of new electronics and a variation of different design elements, Rare Bird creates a listening experience that feels nostalgic and personal. 

Each bird vessel is handpicked for quality and durability for modern times then artfully designed into a functioning bluetooth speaker. 

Fan Mail

  • Clyde

    "This is our second Rare Bird purchase. The first was a custom build for a family member and both are AMAZING! Beautiful build quality, they sound great, and Kaden is a great communicator. We love Rare Bird."

  • Bethany

    "We have seen Rare Bird at our locals markets and have talked about buying one of his wonderful pieces so many times. I finally scooped one up for my wife’s Christmas present. It’s going to be a perfect addition in her massage studio and she is absolutely smitten. SAM is going to have a wonderful home."

  • Rebecca

    "Love love love working with Rare Bird Stereos!!! Bought one for my husband 6 months ago but he loved it so much, he wouldn’t share. So when I saw this lovely item, I snatched it for myself. Delivery has always been smooth, communication is always timely and helpful from the artist and such amazing quality of sound and design!!!"