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SOLD My Buddy Tackle Box Bluetooth Speaker

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This awesome tackle box found a new life as a battery operated bluetooth speaker.

The date carved onto the side of this guy is 1934, so it's a true gem. I know first hand that this was used for many years as a tackle box judging by the parifanalia found inside.

The speakers were salvaged out of a more modern Sony bookshelf speaker system. 30 watt 8 ohm speakers.

The battery is lithium rechargeable and lasts about 15 hours. You get the adapter to charge it.

Q: But how does it sound in metal? Doesn't it vibrate?

A: This sound is well rounded and warm considering it's in metal. And No vibration! The vibration gets vented out the back and there is insulation on the inside to reduce vibration. On super hevay base sounds you may get a bit of vibration, but nothing crazy.

We stand 100% behind our product and offer a 1 year warrenty on all electronic components.

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Some items are in stock and some are made to order. Everything ships from Sacramento, CA.

Care Instructions

Listen to awesome music. This should last you forever but just in case...we stand behind our product and offer a one-year warranty on the electrical components from time of purchase.