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SOLD, Hank the Original

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Meet one of my original models named after Hank Williams himself. If you are a Hank fan, listening to him on this speaker is like going back in time. He has a great deep base twang that is very unique to this model of speaker.

I found the cabinet sitting all by his lonesome in a store, missing his other half which is what gives speakers value. I swooped him up, cleaned up his box, made new feet, put in a bluetooth circuit board and a switch for easy pairing to your phone. You can almost hear times past though this guy.

This runs solely off bluetooth so that you can keep your phone or tablet as a remote. Very easily paired and generally works within 20 feet of the speaker.

And YES the speaker is original. That is one of the main parts that creates such a unique sound. All parts of this unit outside of the circuitry are reclaimed. I stand behind my product, and if something does not work, you can always send it back and I will fix it free of charge.

Now, get him while he's around! This speaker is a rare bird!

****LOCAL BUYERS please contact me for free shipping. I will happily drop him off ;)

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Listen to awesome music. This should last you forever but just in case...we stand behind our product and offer a one-year warranty on the electrical components from time of purchase.