Meet the Maker, Kaden.

Also known as, owner, designer, sound engineer, content creator, music lover and head of marketing.

Born and raised in the Texas antiquing community, Kaden has always been motivated by sustainability and creating functional things using objects that are already here and need a new life. He went to Montessori college by picking up jobs that interested him. Originally trained as a framer of artwork where he learned color theory and fine detail work. Then in later years he studied to be an electrician which taught him electrical skills that make any project feel possible with a little know-how and dedication. All these skills combined created Rare Bird Stereos.

He currently works out of his home workshop in Sacramento and frequents markets in the area. He has a passion for interior design and hiking. You'll find him at most antique fleas in the area looking for the next fun project, be it for the birds or his home.